Ohio Colombian Foundation Appreciates The Support Obtained

On behalf of the Ohio Colombian Foundation, we would like to express our sincere thanks for the support provided in the Colombian Culture Garden Pro event, the success achieved was possible thanks to your collaboration.

Likewise, we wish to express our gratitude to all the people that carried out operational tasks for the development of the event, particularly Miss Ohio Latina Angelina Klopp for taking the initiative to build this garden.

As well -Voces Latina -Maryori Miranda- Ríos.

-Barroco Restaurant

-Magazin Enterate

-Klopp Investment Management.

-Akara production & Entertainment

-Bermúdez’s Sisters.

-Klopp family

-Laura Watilo and Family

-Mr. Gustavo Hoyas and Family

-Tim sabbath & Family

-Guz Cardona

-Family members

-Marisela Goldsmith.

And to all the attendees.


Highly grateful,


Herica Sullivan,

President of OCF